Needle felted ball instructions

How to needle felt a ball instructions

Needle felting is quick and easy to learn this project is perfect for beginners. These step by step instructions will show you how to make a ball. Learning basic shapes first helps to create more complex shapes later.

You will need the following materials:

  • Wool roving (often known as tops or wool sliver in New Zealand)
  • Felting needle
  • Mat or pad 

    There are also a few other accessories that may be useful such as finger protectors and needle holders.

    1. Take the wool and gently separate into a length, depending on the size you would like a 60 cm wool roving or approximately 11 grams of wool will make a ball ~5 cm in size. Note: This is the size of the mould for the mini bowls project.


    2. Roll the piece of wool into a ball, as tight as you can. Ensure all fluffy pieces are tucked in. Fill in any creases in your ball by gently pulling wool over the problem areas. Place ball on your felting mat.

     Wool roving ball needle felting instructions

    3. Using the felting needle start felting by pushing the needle in and out of the wool. The needle should go about half way through the ball this will slowly connect the wool fibres. Do not push all the way through the wool to the pad. This will prevent felting your wool into the pad. Slowly turn the ball, felting the entire surface. After 5 - 10 minutes the ball should hold itself together.

    Safety: needle felt slowly and keep your hands clear of the needle, to prevent pricking yourself. Always go in and out the same direction with the needle, if you bend the needle it will break.

    Ball needle felting instructions

    4. After 10-15 mins of felting the ball it should be complete depending on speed. When finished it should be firm but have a little bounce if you drop it.

     needle felted ball

     Finished! If you would like to try a slightly harder project see here for instructions to make needle felted bowls.

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