Needle felted bowls tutorial

Mini needle felted bowls tutorial

This is a easy beginner project which will take about 1 hr to make. The instructions are for a mini needle felted bowl measuring 7cm diameter, but if you need a larger bowl it can be easily adapted by making a larger mould and using more wool for the bowl.

You will need the following materials:

  • wool roving for mould (11 g) OR alternatively you can use 50 g of rice to fill the cheesecloth
  • cheese cloth (25 x 25 cm)
  • rubber band
  • 36G or 38G triangle felting needle
  • felting mat
  • wool roving for bowl (5 g per bowl)
  • finger protectors (if you prefer)
Materials to make needle felted bowl
Bowl mold instructions
You can either place 50 g of rice (I use short grain or sushi rice) in the cheese cloth and tie using the rubber band, or see  needle felting for beginners blog post to make a wool mold to use inside the cheese cloth. 


Mini bowl needle felting instructions:


  1. Take the 5g wool for the bowl and split it into 3-4 pieces, wrap one piece around 3/4 of the mold in the rough shape of a bowl. Using your felting needle start felting by pushing the needle in and out of the wool roving.

  2. As you felt continually turn the mold, the wool roving will felt into the cheese cloth very quickly, check every so often the wool roving is not knitted completely to the mold, you need to be able to remove the bowl from the mold easily. Remove bowl every so often as needed to prevent sticking. When the bowl holds itself together, gently pull the bowl off the mold this will take ~10 mins depending on how quickly you felt.

  3. Place the bowl on your mat and felt the inner surface of the bowl, move the bowl as you felt to avoid felting into your mat, when felted put bowl back on mould add 1/3 more wool and felt. Repeat this step until all the wool is used up, or until you bowl is the desired thickness. 

  4. Begin shaping the edge of your bowl do this by felting the top rim, ensure it is rounded and all the same level.                          
  5. Continue felting the bowl until it is firm. The cheesecloth may need replacing after the bowl has finished, otherwise you may get small pieces of fabric coming off and being felted into the bowl.                                                      



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