Mini needle felted pom pom chickens

Mini needle felted pom pom chickens

This mini needle felted pom pom chicken project is super simple and will only take ~10 mins to make. The pictured chicken is 3 x 3 cm size, if you would like it bigger use a wider tool for the pom pom.

You will need the following materials:

  • Wool roving- Yellow (2 pieces: 18 x 3 cm and 15 x 2 cm), black (1 x 1 cm) and orange (2 x 1 cm)
  • Felting needle 36G or 38G
  • Mat or pad 
  • Fork
  • String/ twine
  • Scissors
  • Glue (any type that will bond wool)           
  • You may also wish to use finger protectors for this project.                                                              

Pom pom body:

  1. Take the wool and gently separate into a length approximately 18 x 3 cm of wool roving will make a ball ~3 cm in size.
  2. Take the string and thread through the middle fork.   
  3. Wrap the wool roving around the fork several times until the roving is fully wrapped around the fork, double knot the string as show in the picture.                                                                           
  4. Cut either end of the wool roving on the out sides of the fork to make the pom pom, then fluff the wool up so it is evenly spread and trim the pom pom into a circle shape.                      
    Pom pom

Chickens head:

  1. Take the wool roving and gently separate into a length, 15 cm x 2 cm.
  2. Roll the piece of wool into a ball, as tight as you can. Ensure all fluffy pieces are tucked in. Fill in any creases in your ball by gently pulling wool over the problem areas. Place ball on your felting mat.    
  3. Using the felting needle start felting by pushing the needle in and out of the wool. As this project is tiny be very careful and needle felt slowly to avoid pricking yourself. The needle should go about half way through the ball this will slowly connect the wool fibres. Do not push all the way through the wool to the pad. This will prevent felting your wool into the pad. Slowly turn the ball, felting the entire surface.                              Safety: needle felt slowly and keep your hands clear of the needle, to prevent pricking yourself. Always go in and out the same direction with the needle, if you bend the needle it will break.                                                                                           

  4. After ~5 mins of felting the ball it should be complete depending on speed. When finished it should be firm but have a little bounce if you drop it.

Eyes & beak

  1. Eyes: seperate two tiny amounts of black wool and felt into where you would like the eye's to go.
  2. Beak: Fold orange wool into a triangle shape on your mat and felt, continually turn the beak while felting so it doesn't felt into your mat. when finished felt onto the chicken head.


Putting together: glue head on to body and you are finished.


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