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Felting needles- 30 pack

Felting needles- 30 pack

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Felting needles- 30 pack

Felting needle come in a variety of shapes an guages, if you looking for good allrounder for 3D felting use a Triangle 36G or 38G.

triangle- triangle cross section, great all rounder needle.
star- four sides, great all rounder needle
reverse- have barbs facing the opposite direction, used for creating a 'fluffy' appearance.
crown- barbs are placed near the tip of the needle, used for finer detail work.
spiral- needles twist around, great for felting quickly with a nice finish.
star spiral- four sides which twist around, great for felting quickly with a nice finish.


the lower the guage (eg. 32) the thicker the needle and the higher the guage (eg. 42)  the finer the needle. Higher guages are best for finer end detailing and finer wools such as Merino, lower guages are best for coarser wool and beginning a project.

Needles available in the below:
triangle: 32G, 36G, 38G, 40G, 42G, 
star: 36G, 38G 
reverse: 36G, 38G, 
crown: 40G, 42G, 46G, 
spiral: 38G, 40G, 
star spiral: 38G

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