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Romney wool pack- 16 colours (10-14 g of each)

Romney wool pack- 16 colours (10-14 g of each)

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Multicolour wool pack

Romney pack 16 different colours (10-14 grams of each colour)

These wools are Romney wool except for colour chocolate which is Corriedale wool. This pack comes with 16 colours (10-14g of each). Great for needle felting, wet felting, spinning and weaving. This pack contains natural coloured wool (un-dyed) and dyed wool.

Colours: White, turquoise, red, orange, royal purple, burgundy, royal blue, forest green, apple green, purple, mid blue, navy blue, olive, brown, grey & black.

Natural coloured Romney is South Island grown (White, grey & brown).  Great for Knitting, felting, weaving and spinning Fantastic spun in a woollen spin on your wheel,  ideal for those sturdier projects, bags, slippers, boots, hats, etc.  It is an excellent base for your weaving projects. 

Dyed Romney wool (Olive, orange, red, burgundy, apple green, turquoise, royal purple, royal blue, mid blue, purple, navy blue, forest green & black) is grown in Southland, New Zealand.

It is a versatile product used in many different ways: spinning, felting, weaving, stuffing, ideal for kiwi knitting, and so on. It is dyed by Ashfords at their mill in Milton.

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