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Le Serail, Savon De Marseille

Wet felting bundle (Spray ball + soap)

Wet felting bundle (Spray ball + soap)

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Wet felting bundle

Rubber spray ball + Le Serial Savon de Marseille olive oil soap 300g bundle with three spray ball colours to choose from: Pink, Yellow or Green

Rubber spray ball also known as ball brause, this rubber spray ball is great for wet felting, use it to soak up soapy water by compressing the bulb and soaking up soapy water, dispense by compressing bulb over surface of the wool.

Le Serial “Savon de Marseille” is thought to have started around 1230 in a small workshop in Marseille ,south of France. Le Serail is one of the few traditional Marseille soap manufacturers still in activity in Marseille, using the authentic manufacturing process. Le Serail contains a minimum of 72% olive oil, made with olive oil, sea water and alkaline ash from sea plants. Available in 300 block.

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